【Dogs cannot stay in the guest house in the following cases】

■Dogs that do not stop barking, or are disobedient to their owners

吠える犬をを飼い主が抑えられない            近隣に迷惑がかかります
■All dogs are expected to be vaccinated.

ワクチン接種は必ず受けてください 接種証明書を要求する事もあります
■Dogs that live outside cannot be accommodated (guest house is for indoor dogs only.)

■Never leave the dog alone. Never leave the dog in the car to spend the night

■Dogs in heat (menstruation) cannot stay in the guest house.
■Smoking is prohibited inside and around the guest house, except for designated areas (to prevent accidental swallowing)

■No shoes allowed indoors

■Areas not allowed for entrance by dogs

According to ordinances set out by public health care centers for all hotel businesses, dogs are strictly prohibited from entering the following areas.
-Private bath

■Be sure to have your dog on leash at all times inside the building. Use a leash hook inside the restaurant

■Do not let the dog on the bed

■We strictly prohibit guests from leaving their dogs alone in the room upon going outside.

■While staying, we ask all guests to take care and dispose of their dogs' feces. Failing to do so may lead to other dogs eating feces.

■We ask guests to put pet sheets inside our prepared plastic bags and throw them away in the dedicated filth garbage can, regardless of actually using the sheets. If your dog defecates on pet sheets, we ask that you please bring your own sheets.


Cancellation policy

There have been customers who book their rooms without checking our cancellation policy. We have been receiving complaints like,
"I was not aware there was a cancellation fee", and "it does not make sense that I have to pay for something I did not use".

As soon as a guest books a room, we reserve that room for that customer only, without booking anyone else in it. As such, we have a cancellation policy, which we ask that you check before booking with us.
(We assume that you have agreed to our cancellation policy upon completing your booking with us.)
Cancellation fee will be charged as shown below.

There is no cancellation fee if canceled at least 22 days prior to your arrival.

We charge 30% of the booking fee if you cancel between 14 days and 21 days before your arrival.

We charge 50% of the booking fee if you cancel between 7 days and 13 days before your arrival.

We charge 70% of the booking fee between the 1 day and 6 days before your arrival.

We charge the entire booking fee if you cancel on the day of your arrival.
(If the guest does not show up without giving us a call in advance, we will still charge the full cancellation amount)

Regarding cancellation due to the dog being in heat (menstruation)

Dogs in heat (menstruation) cannot stay in the guest house.
(Dogs found to be in heat are not allowed to stay for the first two weeks of bleeding)
Even though some guests say, "the dog suddenly went in heat", or "it was unexpected", please note that we will still be charging cancellation fees regardless.

In case the dog may go into heat, we ask our guests to book much in advance to their scheduled arrival to prevent such problems.
お部屋でも一緒に過ごせる!全室ワンちゃんと同室可能 愛犬家フレンドリーなペンション
All six rooms are pet-friendly rooms that can be shared with pet dogs. Come and spend a great time with your pet dog.
Please relax with your dog in our spacious guest room
Put a leash on your partner to freely walk around the guest
and spend a relaxing time
Enjoy your company wherever you go
Adjacent to the premises is a dog run where you can freely run around with your dog! Your dog will love it!
Dog run yard
Your dog can run around freely!
They can also have fun playing with balls
A clean and refreshing environment of Kurumayama Highland Nearby are plenty of tourist sites where you can have fun with your dog
There are many resort spots surrounded by rich nature from Mt. Kurumayama Highland to Tateshina and Shirakaba Plateau! Many of them welcome pet dogs, so you should definitely pay a visit!
Have fun playing with water in the clear streams of Gosensui
You can also get on the Kurumayama Highland Lift with your p
Explore the farm land
Share a gondola ride with your dog
Relaxed dinner Enjoy casual French style cuisine throughout the year
Enjoy a pleasant dinner time with your dog savoring a refined French dinner course, prepared according to the owner-chef's personal tastes
Spend a relaxing time enjoying your dinner
Signature cheese fondue (winter season only)
Have fun talking with other pet owners about your partner
Look forward to the owner-chef's tasty personal creations

Regarding heating in winter season

The hotel will heat the building using a heat accumulation heater from November to March, while the winter coldness is most severe (separate heating fee of 1,000 yen per night per person). If you feel cold in October, or April, or any other month (while the heat accumulation heater is not in operation), we will rent out oil heaters and fan heaters for a fee (500 yen per night / fuel cost included).


Guest House Bern has amenities for guests and pet dogs.
-Bath towel, face towel, BERN special towel,
-shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, body sponge,
-toothbrush, hair dryer
*For human use only. We do not have ones for dogs. Also, do not bathe your pet dog.
-We do not have any room wear or pajamas.
Rooms are equipped with heat accumulation heater (operated from November to March / separate heating charge applies), air conditioner for cooling, and electric fans. If you feel cold in October or April (while the heat accumulation heater is not in operation), we will rent out oil heaters and fan heaters for a fee (500 yen per night).
Shampoo (for people) *Not for dogs
Easy-to-use simple mop
Towels (prepared to match the number of nights you are stayi
Pet sheet (for emergency use) and deodorant products
Garbage can for both general waste and dog waste
Dishware for dogs (limited in)
Air conditioner installed in all rooms
Heat accumulation heating from November to March

Twin room

Twin room where couples as well as married couples can relax with their favorite pet dog

Family room

3 & 4 bed rooms for families that have dogs. Feel free to come as a family.


Private bath

A slightly more spacious unit bath
Use it whenever you want to soak in a slightly bigger bath (from 15: 00 to 23: 00)
For sanitary reasons, dogs cannot use the bath.

Do not enter dogs

Dining hall

Diner for enjoying our tasty dinner and the pleasures of traveling
A great venue for conversing with other dog lovers...


Dog run

A dedicated dog run (closed from 21: 00 to 7: 00 the following morning)

Entrance and parking lot

Free parking lot that is convenient when driving to our guest house
Be greeted by our European-style entrance

Casual French course meal by the owner-chef

It would be great if guests who are staying with their dogs could also enjoy tasty meals at the guest house.
With this in mind, the owner-chef prepares dinner course dishes with the utmost care.
We invite you to come and savor our delicious dishes.

【Popular】Gourmet Plan ■ Original Western-style full course meal with 9 kinds of starters ■

Original Western-style full course meal with 9 kinds of starters with special attention to the composition of the dishes
Aperitif - Bagna Cauda - 9 kinds of appetizers
Soup - Fish dish - Meat dish - Salad
Focaccia - Desserts (3 kinds) - Drink

【Popular】 Stewed tongue

A super popular dish from the beginning, our specialty stewed tongue is still the most frequently ordered dish on our menu
 Aperitif - Bagna Cauda
9 kinds of appetizers - Soup - Fish dish
Specialty stewed tongue
Salad - Focaccia - Dessert (3 kinds)

【Popular】 Cheese fondue plan

Taste the rich and melty cheese

【Popularity】 Bouillabaisse plan

Savor the real taste of the ingredients with our bouillabaisse
Aperitif - Bagna Cauda - 9 kinds of appetizers
Soup - Specialty bouillabaisse - Meat dish - Salad
Focaccia - Desserts (3 kinds)

Standard plan

Standard course meal with mostly Western style dishes made using local highland vegetables.

6 kinds of appetizers - Soup
Fish dish - Meat dish - Salad
Focaccia - Desserts (2 kinds) - Drink

Breakfast (Japanese set menu)

Eat a healthy breakfast · · ·
Japanese set meal
Rice, Miso soup,
Grilled fish, Side dishes,
Small pot (kinchaku pot, or boiled tofu)

Breakfast included with drinks

How to spend a great time at Guest House Bern

Arrival / check in

Welcome to Bern
Wash your feet inside the hall
Let's get squeaky clean!

Guiding to your room

Please do not go on the bed
Please bring a waterproof sheet
Do not leave pets in the room
Dogs that keep barking cannot stay in the guest house

Let's have fun at the spacious dog run

It is a safe and pleasant place for dogs to run around
It is safely located right next to the guest house
Spacious dog run
Besides winter, it is more fun to spend time in the dog run

French course meal for dinner

Please relax and enjoy your course meal
Our dinner will no doubt impress you
There is no dress code.
Please enjoy your time at the dining hall, where dog owners

Relax comfortably with your pet in your room

Spend a soothing time with your pet in your room
When getting on the bed, please lay a waterproof bed cover f
There is also a slightly wider unit bath
Have a good night

Enjoy the morning at the highland

Start your refreshing morning with our Japanese meal

Check out

Enjoy with the surrounding attractions

Driving to the guest house

Chuo Expressway → Suwa IC → R152 → Daimon Highway (National Route 152) ↓
→ Venus Line → 40 minutes (16 miles / 25 km) from Kurumayama Highland interchange


By train to the guest house

[From Tokyo area]
Shinjuku / Limited Express Azusa (2 hours and 10 minutes) → Chino / bus (55 minutes, 1,350 yen) ↓
→ Kurumayama Highland Tokyo / Shinkansen Asama (1 hour 10 minutes) ↓
→ Sakudaira / bus (1 hour 10 minutes ) → Shirakaba Lake bus (10 minutes) → Kurumayama Highland

[From Osaka / Nagoya area]
Osaka / Shinkansen (1 hour) → Nagoya / Shinkansen (2 hours)↓
→ Shiojiri / Central main line (20 minutes) ↓
→ If you are taking a taxi from Kurumayama Highland / Chino Station (about 8,000 yen);
8 minutes on foot from Kurumayama Highland bus stop

Surrounding tourism

(Together with your dog) Kurumayama Highland

There is a giant 1 million square meter ski slope on the northeast side of Kurumayama (altitude 1,925m), the main peak of Utsukushigahara and Kirigamine.
The high altitude of the slope helps yield good quality snow, and there are snowmakers that can create snow from the peak to the foot of the mountain (1,550m). The ski slope is reliably conditioned for a safe skiing environment. The view from the summit is also wonderful, which offers a 360 degree view of Mt. Fuji, Southern Alps (Akaishi Mountains), Central Alps (Kiso Mountains), Northern Alps (Hida Mountains), Mount Asama, and the Yatsugatake mountains.

■Website  http://www.kurumayama.com/
Can ride with dogs

(Together with your dog) Tateshina Farm

Enjoy the great natural scenery of Shirakaba Highland. Interact with cute little animals and even taste their fresh milk and ice cream

(Together with your dog) Tateshina Ranch Gondola Lift

Get on board a gondola lift with your little partner that goes from Tateshina farm to Gosensui Natural Garden (1,830m altitude), from spring to autumn (set ticket for entering Gosensui Natural Garden: both ways: 1,000 yen / one way: 600 yen)

(Together with your dog) Gosensui Natural Park

Located halfway up Mt. Tateshina at 1,830m, it is a vast natural park with a total area of ​​169 hectares. Immerse yourself in the primeval forest where around 300 species of alpine plants naturally grow and wild birds sing. Our recommended course is to follow the walking path, which is about a 40 minute walk. Experience nature as if you were lost in an entirely different dimension. You can walk inside the park with your dog with a leash on.

Venus Line

One of the typical sightseeing mountain roads in Japan that connects the city of Chino in Nagano Prefecture and Utsukushigahara Plateau. The name "Venus Line" is derived from the beautiful shape of Mt. Tateshina on the roadside that was likened to the goddess. Exquisite sights can be seen along the way, with several outlooks that offer a gorgeous view.

Utsukushigahara Plateau

Utsukushigahara Plateau is a lava prairie that is about 1,000 hectares in size on an altitude of about 2,000 meters, alongside the main peak of Mt. Ougatou (2,034m), Mt. Takeshimine on the north, Mt. Chausu on the south, Mt. Monomi Ishi on the east, and Mt. Ougahana on the West (2,008m). Inhabited by over 200 species of subalpine plants, the plateau also offers a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji from afar, as well as the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains), Central Alps (Kiso Mountains), Southern Alps (Akaishi Mountains), and Yatsugatake in its splendid 360 degree panorama, where it merits its name.

■ Website   http://www.mcci.or.jp/Utukushi/

Nagato Farm

Located at an altitude of 1,400m on the Northern Shirakaba Plateau of Shinshu, Nagato Farm has a farm land of about 211 hectares (about 45 Tokyo Domes combined), and 200 dairy cattle that are fed local grass.

■ Website  http://www.nagatofarm.com/

Mt. Kirigamine / Suwa Lake

[Mt. Kirigamine Highland] Spanning from Kurumayama to Mt. Washigamine, Mt. Kirigamine is known for its mildly undulating terrain. Depending on the season, the area dons a variety of vivid colors with alpine plants like Japanese azalea, day lily, and gipsy roses. It also offers a magnificent view of Japan's most famous mountains, such as Mt. Fuji, the Alps, and the Yatsugatake Mountains.

[Suwa Lake] Situated around 759m above sea level with a perimeter of 15.9km and area of 13.3km2, Suwa Lake sits right in the middle of Suwa Basin. Surrounded by Chinese quince trees and Japanese cherry blossom trees, the lakeside offers a walking course for both walking and jogging. You can also go fishing or boating at the lake. The lake is a familiar place for recreation and relaxation to the local people.

■ Website  http://suwakanko.jp/